Our church understands marriage to be a gift that God has given to humankind for the well-being of the entire human family. As such, it is intended to be a special and sacred relationship.

In a service of Christian marriage, a couple makes a lifelong commitment to each other, which is publicly witnessed and acknowledged by the community of faith. Therefore, when you come to us with the request to celebrate your wedding service in our church…to profess your vows to one another in the

presence of God…we take seriously our responsibility to guide, support and encourage you in your efforts to create and sustain a lasting and mutually fulfilling relationship based on love and faithfulness.


In the United Church of Christ, we understand that the sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God. The physical act of being baptized is symbolic of the spiritual act of God that has already taken place. Baptism marks the beginning of a new life of discipleship in response to this gift of God’s grace.

Through baptism a person is acknowledged and welcomed into the universal church, the body of Christ, where God is able to bring forth in us the power of forgiveness, the renewal of the spirit, and the knowledge of the call to be God’s people always.

The promises that are made in the sacrament of baptism form a three-way covenant…between the one being baptized, God, and the faith community. As such, baptism is then a community celebration in which we recognize not only the commitment of the one being baptized, but also the commitment of the faith community as a whole.