Worship at Shiloh & What to Expect

For many people, the scariest part of visiting a new church is not knowing what to expect or what to do. We understand that apprehension, and want you to feel the embrace of God's extravagant welcome when you join us for worship at Shiloh United Church of Christ. Here are few tips to help you navigate your visit to Shiloh UCC.

  1. Parking and Entrance - Shiloh has plenty of off and on street parking. Shiloh has 3 parking lots; one is right next to the building, one across the street and the other behind the building. The main entrance to the building is through the glass entrance near the main parking lot, this is sometimes referred to as the vestibule.  If you are unable to drive or walk to church, Shiloh has a transportation ministry that transports people to and from church, just call the church office to schedule a pick-up.

  2. Extravagant Welcome - Once inside, our ushers will graciously welcome you, and don't be surprised if they ask you if you are visiting for the first time. The ushers can lead you to the sanctuary, which is on the second floor; you may take the stairs or the elevator.

  3. Sign In - Each pew has a red sign-in book.. Of course you don't have to sign in, but it's an easy way to request more information and let us know you visited. It's a very safe thing to do, and we promise we won't show up at your door!

  4. Worship Style - Shiloh has one worship service on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am – 10:00 am. While Shiloh's theology is quite progressive, our service is a mix of both traditional protestant and contemporary worship styles. The pastor and choir wear robes with both classic and modern hymns are sung to both piano and organ (although some of the words have been revised to reflect a more inclusive worldview). Those attending worship tend to represent a broad mix of clothing styles from more formal attire to casual (jeans, shorts, etc.), but most importantly we encourage people to “come as they are”.

  5. Sitting, Standing and Singing- The order of worship will tell you when to sit, when to stand, when to sing, and where to find the lyrics to the songs.

  6. Passing the Peace - At each worship service, the community passes the peace of Christ by shaking hands, giving hugs, or just waiving. Generally, most people say, "may the peace of Christ be with you", followed by "and also with you". But some just say good morning or hello. It's a way for people to connect with those worshiping around them. So don't be freaked out when some stranger tries to grab your hand!  You'll catch on after you come a few times.

  7. Communion - Shiloh UCC celebrates Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month and during other special occasions. All are welcome to participate in communion, members and visitors alike. No faith is too weak or doubt too strong. Jesus didn't turn people away, and neither do we!

  8. Coffee and Fellowship - If you feel so inclined, please join us in the narthex (the room on the first floor where you were first greeted) after worship for a cup of coffee, some sort of high-calorie treat, and friendly conversation.